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Written by Roopa Ramakrihna on August 29, 2008

A Red Letter Day (Event Management) and Music Feeds have joined forces to unearth the very best in local music talent. In each edition we will bring to you the two most popular new artists to hit the music scene… here we are with our very first pair of Feature Artists!

Damaged Theory
Damaged Theory recently hit the stage at the Sutherland Smash Band Competition presented by A Red Letter Day at Club Menai. Bringing the biggest crowd of the week, these guys have earned the coveted title of A Red Letter Day and Music Feeds’ Feature Artist.

Playing off against some of the best bands to hit the southern suburbs of Sydney in the Smash band comp, these guys have only been gigging for 3 months – and what a 3 months it has been!

Being a young band and having only played together for a short time, Damaged Theory has a surprisingly eclectic, youthful rock sound – and the band still shows promise of artistic growth in the future. They have a healthy mix of styles and muses influencing their music, and are exploring their sound with no intention of being tied to one specific genre.

Lead vocalist Pat, says, “We play with an open mind to a wide range of music and we hopefully write with a good blend of styles.”

After meeting through common friends and school, it looks like the music has come naturally to the guys of Damaged Theory. In a refreshing sentiment that most big name musicians should come back to, these boys just want to “go on tour, release some records, and make people dance to our music!”

Hearing about A Red Letter Day’s band competitions along the muso’s grape vine, Damaged Theory believed it was a stellar platform upon which to launch their music careers. The prizes that were on offer for the winners of the comps apparently merely sweetened the deal.

“We entered mainly to get some live experience and exposure and we also liked the idea of those awesome prizes!”, they said.

The experience is one that they’d definitely recommend to other up and coming bands similar to themselves. Damaged Theory say they will be entering more band comps for the exposure, the crowd, the experience and the prizes.

Drummer Zan raved “The comps are really well run and we love the prizes!”.

Speaking with Damaged Theory bassist, Baxter, it sounds as if the live music bug has bitten the band. Bringing a crowd that some bigger-name established artists would rival, the band can evidently put on quite a show – and it doesn’t look like they’re quitting soon.

“It was awesome to play live and the crowd was really good with getting behind us”, he said.
Fresh talent AND showmanship? Watch out for Damaged Theory, these guys are a band definitely on the rise!
46 Clicks
46 Clicks recently hit the stage at the Macarthur Clash Band Competition presented by A Red Letter Day at Ingleburn RSL. After bringing the biggest crowd of the week, these guys have earned the highly sought after title of A Red Letter Day and Music Feeds’ Feature Artist.

3 of the 4 band members have been friends and band mates since the early days of 2004. But it wasn’t until June in 2008, when they spotted Andy (their 4th member) from across the bar whilst trying to pick up girls, that they knew their band was complete.

As a ball of positive party energy, these guys hope to one day be a force to be reckoned with! 46 Clicks members have a knack for incorporating their influences into their music, but at the same time, making it sound original as well – they’re a fresh mix of Foo Fighters, late Blink 182, Plus 44, Sum 41.

“We really try to make our music stand apart from every other pop/punk band, mainly by playing our instruments as an expression of our individual personalities, and by using the energy of punk rock and our love of jumping around”, said lead singer Andy.

As a musically savvy band, these guys (like many other acts of the same calibre) are crash hot when it comes to their sound, but have lacked the direction to propel them into the “what’s hot” of the music circuit. They say A Red Letter Day band comps are now giving them this guidance.
These band comps present a free opportunity for bands to expand their fan base and to get live experience, as well as network with industry professionals.

“It is a means of getting noticed if you don’t know which way to go with your music. It’s an amazing rush and we believe these experiences give us the necessary push we need to shape our band and give us a solid future”, Chad said.

“We just turned up at our first ever comp at Parramatta with no expectations and no one to support us. We just did what we knew on stage and it paid off! We ended up getting through to the Wildcards for that gig”

“We’d definitely recommend jumping on board the band comp train! It’s free and you get to showcase your talent!”

“We do lots of simple things, but we try and make the simple things we do sound good…if not, it’s back to the drawing board!” This attitude is what sets 46 Clicks apart from the rest.

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