Basement Share Their 13 Favourite Songs Of All Time

UK post-hardcore lads Basement are preparing to launch an all-out assault on Australia this year.

Not only are they heralding their comeback by touring our shores this May with special guests Turnover and Break Even, they’ve also got a brand new album coming out on January 29th dubbed Promise Everything.

To celebrate the band’s first release since 2012’s Colourmeinkindness, which is bound to become a new fave amongst the post-hardcore fanship, we got the lowdown on some of the band’s own favourite songs of all time.

We asked for 10 and the cheeky gits gave us 13. Check their top picks out below.

1. Death Cab For Cutie – A Movie Script Ending

James: “Always loved this song and band. When I’m happy it makes me sad, when I’m sad it makes me happy – or more sad.”

2. Sting – Seven Days

James: “I could listen to those weird drums for days and not understand them.”


3. Harry Connick Jr – Recipe For Love

James: “The ultimate sing along washing up song. Yeah game is to find the WORST harmony possible.”

4. Crowded House – Everything Is Good For You

Andrew: “One of my Dad’s favourite bands and so by default, mine. I love this song by because the melody, as always, is great and I think the guitar work is really weird and interesting. I reminds me of Sgt Pepper era Beatles.”

5. Nada Surf – Always Love

Andrew: “I’ve liked Nada Surf for a while now, didn’t realise they were actually on The OC soundtrack, but they’re a band I feel gets overlooked who have an incredible back catalogue. I had no idea this song existed until I saw it on their Spotify ‘popular’ bit (no pun intended) but I can’t stop listening to it.


6. Jimi Hendrix – Castles Made of Sand

Alex: “I got a red Squire strat for my 15th birthday, I used to listen to the Jimi Hendrix CD I had on repeat. This song still blows my mind, the reverse guitars and dark mystical lyrics. It’s a classic.”

7. Stevie Wonder – Master Blaster

Alex: “This is the earliest memory I have of enjoying music. My mum had the definitive collection of Stevie Wonder songs and I would listen to it all the time. He is a musical genius, the songs have soul and make you just want to dance and sing along. Also the riffs on this song are so sick. I could give a whole top ten just with Stevie songs.”


8. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Porcelain

Alex: “The reason I loved RHCP as a kid growing up was their ability to write such diverse material. They could write a funky songs, rock songs and even really slow emotional ballads. This song sticks out in my mind when I first heard Californication.”



9. Iggy Pop – Success

Ronan: “There’s no better song to wake up to, I love the lyrics and the general vibe of it, sounds like an awesome house party with all your best mates plus I bet it would be amazing to play live. Iggy is the man.”


10. The Mars Volta – The Widow

Ronan: “From arguably my favourite album of all time thus far. I can’t really fault this song; it’s creepy, emotional, there’s some amazing guitar and vocal work and the whole song just seems so structurally well put together as does the whole album. I remember streaming it from their website on repeat when it was released whilst wearing flares and wishing I could grow an Afro.”

11. Botch – Frequency Ass Bandits

Duncan: “Because Brian Cook. As a bass player he is someone who I’ve taken a lot of influence from, playing wise and Tonally. This song showcases both very well.”

12. Carry On – Off My Chest

Duncan: I joined my first band when I was 15, we were a bad Champion rip off. We covered this song a lot. It was the only time anyone ever moshed.(on account of us not being good).”

13. Red Fang – Dirt Wizard

Duncan: “This is a song I cannot stop listening to at the moment. Its a fucking naughty tune if you know what I mean, mad sleezy riffs. The lyric “OH YEAH” is repeated a lot and if that doesn’t sell you, well we’re done here.”

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