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Banjos, beards, baritones, beer-swillers, bongos… and BUBBLES… not just alliteration but all things that appeared at YourSpace in the last couple of weeks. Not just any bubbles, by the way, but Mr Incredibubble’s bubbles.

Mr iBubble joined us a couple of weeks back to create a spectacle of bubbly delights front of stage while The Sekret Weapon http://www.myspace.com/thesekretweapon played their very suitably funky weed-rock (is that a  new genre I just created?).

Photos cannot do it justice, but here’s one to give you an idea:

There are hundreds more photos, pics of plasticine artworks and scanned drawings in our myspace pics section. There’s some amazing art in there, and some amazingly wasted people doing some amazingly silly things. You should really have a squiz next time you should be doing something work-related.

So back to the stage now for the next two acts that I’m shining my column-powered light on:

The Noise Sessions


Fronted by the Irish “Jamaican” Steve Farrell, this noisy three-piecer are pretty new to the scene being only a couple of months old but are well seasoned by playing in various inner west outfits. Steve was previously the guitarist of The Knife Waltz and bassplayer Casey was doing double time, also playing in The Kandy Apples (who incidentally launch their 1st single Fri 12/9 @ the Sando – be there or be a total loser).

Criminally talented drummer Chris Natour is somewhat of a mystery and for all I know has been playing in bands for years – this cloud of uncertainty is due to the fact that Chris has been a YS regular for nigh on a year but their debut gig at YS a few weeks back was the first we knew of him being a muso!  It’s bizarre how some people, no matter how many jugs they win in the raffles, no matter how much cajoling from their jamming mates, they can still slip under the open stage radar that hits around midnight each week night. Anyway… to hear something very different from absolutely anything else that could be going on at any time – check out The Noise Sessions when they return to YS Thursday 11/9 onstage at 10:50pm.

Playing YourSpace @ The Sly Fox Thurs 11/09 – 6 Solos + 2 Duos + 3 Bands: Dyan Tai, The Kandy Apples (Acoustic), Emily Ryan, Rex Havoc, Lim’s Band, Kitt O’Connell, Ungus Ungus Ungus, Head Mentals, The Noise Sessions, Molly Contogeorge, BEING

Kitty In The Well


There’s a few things you need to know about Big Russ – singer of Kitty In The Well: 1. he is the tallest man to have ever walked the earth.* 2. He has the loudest voice I have ever heard short of those crazy guys you sometimes come across in parks yelling at shadows and rats. 3. He carries around the biggest trombone I have ever seen in a backpack filled with tambourines and other percussion. And finally 4. He fronts one of the most interesting bands that I have seen live. Sure not for everyone (especially not for those who think OzIdol type voices are the best voices – which of course they aren’t, which are the least of that show’s issues… but I digress) Susie Creamcheese, drummer and sometime accordion-player – sometimes playing both simultaneously – is one of the best “chick drummers” I have seen and one of the coolest girls I’ve known. Mr Ian Shoebridge completes this triangle of lovely madness on the very-electric guitar, bringing with him mad vibes left over from the now-defunct Last Sunset On Earth and from his current band The Beautiful Cacophony.

*not verified/may be total bullshit

Playing YourSpace @ The Sly Fox: Thurs 18/09 – 5 Solos + 1 Duo + 4 Bands: Jackson Gunn, Matt Keelan, Ken McLean, Bel Woods, Nathan George, Deaf Hedge, Kitty In The Well, Each To Their Own, Decades, Come Up Smiling. Visit YourSpace online via:  http://www.myspace.com/getyourspace

Cadence Commotions has again spread its wings and is now taking care of live music bookings for two more venues:

Friday & Saturday nights @ the Excelsior Hotel Glebe

3 Saturday nights a [email protected] Kelly’s (Newtown) – each featuring original live bands.

Support your local music scene and these new/re-established music
venues by coming along to shows and sharing a drink.
Support these venues – as they support you!

Upcoming Cadence Commotions shows:

Friday 12th Sep

The Kandy Apples Single Launch w/ Brian Campeau + Heidi Elva + Em Fatale & The Scary Rabbits

The Sandringham Hotel – 7:30pm/$10

Friday 12th Sep

Alice Terry + Chris Arnott + SHE IS

The Excelsior Glebe – 7:30pm/FREE

Friday 19th  Sep

JaR of CoRn & Rob Persian + Laura Nolan +TAOS

The Excelsior Glebe – 7:30pm/FREE

Sat 20th Sep

5 original live bands TBA

Kelly’s – 9pm/FREE

Friday 26th  Sep

Jessica Blakeley + Rick Daniels + Suezane Lam

The Excelsior Glebe – 7:30pm/FREE

Sat 27th Sep

5 original live bands TBA

Kelly’s – 9pm/FREE

For the latest show info or to send through your band info for possible gig opportunities, contact

Leyne Deyveson via http://www.myspace.com/cadencecommotions or [email protected]

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