Cadence Commotions #3

Sydney music promoter/band manager Cadence Commotions’ MD – Leyne Deyveson

Focus…Focus…Focus… Giving in to my urge to blab on about musos I love, along with my complete lack of objectivity – each issue I will be featuring a couple of my favourite picks from upcoming YourSpace nights in the hope that you will check them out and enjoy them as much as I do.

First act off the rank plays the next YS…

Trojan Party


The guitar-heavy, drum-thumpin bastard child of Justin Holt and Pip Mackay and ex-Kandy Apple Nancy C Mylott – Trojan Party have emerged as a pop-punk/grunge-rock spawner. Making their live debut at YS only a few weeks back, TP have already played a ccMotions show and are now fielding gig options from around town. The combo of the 2 hot ‘chicks’ (both very talented multi-instrumentalists, not just pretty faces) and the Real Guitar-Hero Justin ‘Harry’ Holt provide a rolling live journey stopping sporadically on pretty much all ranges of the genre-spectrum (perhaps not hiphop… but hey it’s still early days). Their music is loud, passionate, hook-ridden and the songs leave you repeating their lyrics over and over and waiting impatiently for the next offering. You can check Trojan Party out for your selves at the next YS Thursday 28/8 at 10:50pm.

playing YourSpace @ The Sly Fox Thursday 28th: 5 Solos + 1 Duo + 3 Bands: The Closet Romantics, Anthony James Ousback, John Denney, Art Rush, TAOS, Curtis Why, Shanghai, Trojan Party, The Lurkers

Ben Briedis


Already well known to YS fans and around the Sydney open mic circuit, singer-songwriter Ben Briedis wrote the infamous and well loved ‘Sly Fox Rocks’ track which we adopted as our YS anthem (the song is still often shouted out in request each time he plays YS, even though it’s near on a year old!).

Ben writes insanely catchy rock/folk songs covering often humorous topics – ranging from the ode to the anarchist ‘Signwriter’, to the political ‘Terrorists’ and my personal favourite ‘Add Me As A Friend’ – the best song about social networking sites I’ve heard this year – no really it is excellent.

I recommend checking out the video versions of his songs that are on YouTube and on his myspace – but with his witty lyrics and unique style; Ben Briedis’ performances are always a sight and sound to behold live in the flesh. See him play at YS Thursday 4/9 at 8:20pm.

Cadence Commotions has again spread its wings and is now taking care of live music bookings for two more venues:

Friday nights @ the Glebe Excelsior

3 Saturday nights a [email protected] Kellys (Newtown)

Support your local music scene and these new/re-established music

venues by coming along to shows and having a drink.

Support these guys – as they support you!

Upcoming Cadence Commotions shows:

Friday August 29th:

Bel Woods + Daxton + Emily Ryan @ The Glebe Excelsior


Saturday August 30th:

Something More Than Ordinary + Two Piece Already @ The Glebe Excelsior


Please visit: http://www.myspace.com/cadencecommotions for the latest gig info

If you are interested in Cadence Commotions putting on a show at your venue, or you are an act and want to send through your info for possible gig opportunities please contact Leyne via: [email protected]

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