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Sydney music promoter/band manager Cadence Commotions’ MD: Leyne Elbourne-Deyveson

Folk, world music, ‘brown-metal’, blues, funk, prog-rock, soul and punk are just a few of the genres you will find emanating from the stage at YourSpace Muso Showcase in the next couple of weeks. Here’s a closer look at two of the acts performing:


Fronted by metal-crooner/guitar wielder Mark Tuita, SubNuronik have some thing about them that crosses their influences in such a way that it isn’t obvious as to who/what they are. Sounding at times like a bastard child of Soundgarden+Thin Lizzy, or at other times Pink Floyd+Metallica. Tuita, with bassist Attila the Hun, drummer Olly and keys man Kenji, provide not just entertainment for the ears but also the eyes, with Mark and Attila regular donning matching onstage garb which has so far ranged from death metal/serious headbanger gear – to Satan – to Karate suits, complete with westie-rocker bandannas. I’ve got fingers crossed that next time they are outfitted in one of my suggestions… but you’ll have to come along to YS 09/10 @ 11:30 to find out what it will be. Also playing: Sonja V, Molly Contogeorge, Jesse McIvor, Ken McLean, Adam Terrill, Josiah Joash, Frontiers in Photography, serenik and 2Gt.

Melanie Sawayama

Since first delighting us with her beautiful tunes and lovely smile way back in late 2006 (before YourSpace was even called YourSpace!) Melanie has returned to play for us regularly and is often also in the audience supporting other musos when not performing herself. Mel’s original compositions are hauntingly pretty and have a wholly unique vibe about them which never fail to leave you marvelling at her amazing singing voice. An obscure cover or two sometimes creep into her sets and are so well crafted into her own style that the origin of the song cannot always be picked, and that’s a sign of a great cover song if you ask me. You can check out Melanie next at YS 16th Oct @ 8pm. Also playing: Nathan George, Simon Li, Lindsay Drummond, Steve Farrell, Rohan Kleem, Trojan Party, The Walk On By and ETTO.

To book in to play YS, visit us online:

YOU need to support your local music scene by coming along to shows, sharing a drink and showing that music is alive and well in Sydney. Cadence Commotions has a lot of opportunities for you to show your support with upcoming shows at Kelly’s Newtown (featuring The Inheritors, Em Fatale, Come Up Smiling & Ruby Moon), the Excelsior Glebe (Dojo Cuts, Something More Than Ordinary, The Slowdowns, Alice Terry & much more) and The Lansdowne (Art Rush, Ungas Ungas Ungas, Shanghai & more). For the latest upcoming show details or to send through your band info for possible gig opportunities contact Leyne via or

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