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Deep Sea Arcade – Making No Apologies

Written by Daniel Clarke on May 14, 2010

Psychedelic Sydneysiders Deep Sea Arcade have been doing pretty well for themselves since Music Feeds last caught up with them. They’ve released their debut EP Don’t Be Sorry, and toured the country with the likes of indie cohorts Bluejuice, Yves Klein Blue and the Philly Jays. They played Ben Sherman’s Big British Sound a couple of weeks ago, and before they rock the house at MUM at World Bar tonight, Tim Poulton found a few moments to catch up with the band.

Your debut EP Don’t Be Sorry and latest single ‘Lonely In Your Arms’ were released late last year. What has the journey been like since then?

Its been rad. We’ve played loads of shows and got amazing support from Triple J, RRR, FBI and 2ser as well. We have really developed our live show and grown together as people and as a band. We have a photo album titled Deep Secrets online, look for Carlos’ real parents

You have an album in the making. How is it going?

Yep, it’s pretty much in the bag now we just gotta wait to release it. Our new management want to hold out til next March as they have some sweet plans in the works.

To add to the excitement of this year, you’re under new management with Winterman & Goldstein, following in the footsteps of Jet and The Vines. What are your expectations for this partnership?

Yeah those guys are great they certainly are switched on, we’re going camping.

You recently played at Ben Sherman’s Big British Sound, and your music has been compared to that of The Kinks, The Zombies and The Beatles. Why does your music have such a British resonance?

Its all about Tim’s haircut. I dunno, I used to live in England. I still change my underpants everyday like an Australian though.

Finally, you’ve shared the stage with the likes of Bluejuice, Yves Klein Blue and Philadelphia Grand Jury, with no doubt interesting consequences. Best gig moment?

Jake Stone telling us about his penis…

Deep Sea Arcade play MUM at World Bar tonight, Friday 14th May. Click here for full details.

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