PREMIERE: Dust of Us Create a Rich, Textural Sonic World with Debut EP ‘Never Had the Time’

Over the last two years, Sydney duo Dust of Us – comprised of brothers Ed and Lloyd Prescott – have been steadily crafting the songs that would make up their debut EP, Never Had the Time. The brothers are currently gearing up to share the EP in full this Friday, 2nd July – before that, we’re premiering it here on Music Feeds.

The Prescott brothers performed the EP entirely themselves, save for guest vocals from singer Jess Chalker on ‘7 Years’ and ‘Punching Bag’. Textural and considered, the songs on Never Had the Time unfurl themselves slowly, each individual layer coming together to form a cohesive, enthralling soundscape.

“My brother and I are incredibly proud of these songs. We’ve gradually been chipping away at them in my bedroom for the past couple of years; building them up brick by brick,” explains Ed Prescott of Never Had the Time.

Dust of Us’ music defies easy categorisation, oscillating between the driving post-punk of ‘Surrender’, the brooding of ‘The Swans’ or the grounded, acoustic-oriented closer ‘Hunt in Packs’. The six songs on Never Had the Time nevertheless feel threaded together,

“Our music takes a while to piece together because it’s quite layered – and also because we’re interested in so many different textures and genres,” Prescott says. “We have to give it time to understand what it is we’re making and how all the jigsaw pieces fit together.”

Stream Never Had the Time below.

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