Fait Accompli: Music For Penguins

With their latest single Ride getting ridden rough and hard all over independent radio, the boys from Fait Accommpli have been taking it easy this past month. However that’s all about to end as they gear up to play My Monavale Riot, as well as touring wth Calling All Cars and After The Fall.

Always eager to know what’s happenning with the lads, I dropped in on them as they were preparing media kits to be sent to the South Pole…

Hey guys, how are ya, long time no speak? What’s been up?

We’ve got the relaxing thing down to a T these days. Not playing shows has been great for us. Now that our song Ride is on high rotation at FBI, we’ve been seriously thinking about retiring. Our main objective in life is to work hard, spend all our money on publicity, get the publicity people to send our music to the South Pole for the penguins to review. It’s a concept that will soon catch on worldwide. We have the technology, you heard it here first. We’ve been good thanks.

You guys have had a lot on your plate with The Ride single tour and the album coming out, how have you kept you heads above water?

Since the Ride Tour, we have made friends with some rich people. We’ve been swimming in champagne, getting laid and eating well. Every Thursday a bag of money arrives at our front door. Our song Ride speaks to rich people for some reason and now they want to be our friends. So now we can pay our bills.

You’re on the road at the moment with Calling All Cars and After The Fall, how’s that going?

Are they keeping up with you guys or are you leaving them curled up and vomitting in gutters after every show?

Well they are both cool bands and are not intimidated by us. We’re just the opening act, so we just play like we’re headlining. We’re the only opening act to play encores. We’re yet to convince them to give us a shot at Headlining. They’re both christian bands, so as you can imagine we’re the Kings of the Riders. We leave all the vomitting to our manager.

Tell me about Dreams, when can we hear it? What’s it going to sound like? What inspired it?

This record has secret powers, it speaks to rich people and makes them wanna fall in love. It’s actually the best thing we’ve ever made musically, so we aren’t putting it out until we find the perfect scenario for it. We’ve kind of formed a relationship with it, so it’s kinda hard to let it go. DREAMS is inspired by a lifetime of dreaming, if we were Aboriginal we’d be the most marketable band in Australia right now. But unfortunately we have roots in New Zealand, so we have big plans for that market.

With the album having been put together over such a long period what’s it like to be getting toward the end of the road and having it released?

Because we’re independent everything works in slow motion. It’s a speed that we like. Do you know I had a dream that we kidnapped Richard Kingsmill? So when I woke up I came up with a really cool idea, to stay away from anyone that works for Triple J then send the masters of our album to the South Pole. It’s genius.

You guys are playing at My Monavale Riot coming up, can we expect anything special to top your previous Riot shows?

Well I have to be honest with everyone. We have been miming the whole time we have been playing shows. So this weekend the real FAIT ACCOMPLI will be playing. You all have to see it, it’s going to be A-mazing.

Do you think it’s going to be different to the My Filthy (Sydney) Riot shows you do in Sydney?

Northern Beaches crowds are alot more crazy than city cows. In Sydney everyone thinks we’re a one trick pony. Like duh! Anyone can play drums and sing, do somethin original! No seriously we are going to bring the Ruckus! One of our rich friends will be making a cameo too. He plays the Tuba. The Tuba everybody.

How would you describe your live show to those of us who may not have seen it before?

Just imagine a pony with one trick! but that one trick could change your life and kick you in the guts at the same time. Bass, guitar, drums and vocals. Loud and pony like. We have super powers. Killers dad is Mr Manhattan.

What else is coming up for Fait Accompli?

The release of DREAMS has been pushed back to 2010, so we will be releasing another single soon with another awesome Aria nominated video. Our last one got lost in the mail on the way to the place where they judge videos. We’re up for some big awards.

Any ‘Jerry Springer’ final thoughts for the readers?

Don’t fuck your sister! Not cool.

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