Goons Of Doom

The name sort of says it all really. Imagine a band with the passion of Tennessee Williams. The Goons Of Doom are not that band.

Instead they’re a band with all the spirit of whiskey, and some extra spirit to boot. The first time I saw them play they had so many people on stage ‘jamming’ that guitarist Killer had to stand on his amp. I’ve seen them pour beer over women in the crowd only to be met with adoration and servitude because of it.

Having recently returned from a Californian tour in promotion of their album I Hate My Hair And I Want To Die, The Goons are set to headline My Monavale Riot alongside The Butcher Birds and Fait Accompli, so we thought we should catch up with the bastards and find out what’s going down in goontown.

A lot of people have said you approach music with a mixture of Beethoven’s determination and focus and Mozart’s feel and intuition, what makes you so slavish in your dedication to the crafting of your music?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen focus in any one of the Goons eyes before, but I have seen loads of happiness and joy bleeding out of them. There is really never a bad time had in our band, it’s always fun and sometimes i think we’re misread for that…

The band is full of characters to say the least, how do you keeop each other in check in terms of rehearsing as well as adultery, physical abuse and sexual harassment?

….. Na The goons have come to a pretty happy agreement that we should never jam or work too hard at anything, see every time we have consciously put any effort into a particular thing it never really works out, we generally get together have a few beers and what ever pops out then and there we run with and it turns out just how you wanted it…

You’ve got the Mona Vale riot thing coming up, you guys played a pretty rocking set at the last one, how are you going to top that shit? Animal sacrifice? Self flagellation?

There will be no telling of what is to come, just be sure that if you see random girls start ripping their clothes off singing out loud “thats where i fingered you again” be surprised…. but one thing to be sure is that its a sick event and put on by a kid with a massive heart and the love for music and everyone should back the Sydney riot….

You’re all pretty good looking guys, who’s the sexiest though?

Try be objective based on crowd response? I’m not sure on that one dude, never given that much thought, how bout you tell me, what about me you think i am….. Well… what about me it could be me, maybe its not, but it could be, lets leave it up to the Australian public to vote. I am pretty fuckin hot at the moment though.

How would you describe your live show to those out there who are still goons virgins?

Well it’s just like the first time yer, it kinda hurts just a little at first but if you just relax and have fun with your self at the same time then you’re more than likely to walk out as wet as we do, it will be the best first time ever, you will never forget it, I promise.

Killer also plays bass with Fait Accompli, is there any animosity between the bands over who gets to have him the most? Pardon what, who’s Fait Accompli?

…. who’s Killer?, are they that new Pop up band, Na Fait Accompli are one of Sydney’s better bands and the Goons have nothing but support for Killer and the rest of the boys trying to bust down the doors.

What else is going on in goonland that I’m not aware of?

I have done no research. We just got back from an American Tour of South Cali for our Album release “I hate my Hair and I want to Die” Then We will be rockin round the east coast of Oz for the next couple of months and then back to Hawaii for another run of rock and rollin….. I think we have a plan on putting out another album but for free this time, no point selling them, no cunt is buying the fucking damn things. It’s beyond me, the last album is like a wet dream in ya ears….

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