GUEST PLAYLIST: Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde Takes Us Through His Music Collab Bucket List

Peking Duk is a duo that are no strangers to a collab. Artists like SAFIA, Nicole Miller, Aluna George, and just recently, The Wombats, are all ‘Duk collab alumni. So, hearing that one half of the duo, Adam Hyde has his very own bucket list of artists he’s keen to work with just makes sense.

Better yet though, the banger curator has shared the bucket list with us, in danceable playlist form. Peep it below.

Guest Playlist: Here’s Who’s Left On Adam Hyde’s Collaboration Bucket List

1. Pusha T – Numbers On The Boards

Kanye on production with a RZA-esque approach to this beat. Pusha being Pusha. This is raw and hard. A timeless joint that I will play at any function at any hour.

2. Alex Cameron – Stranger’s Kiss

This was the first song I heard from Alex Cameron that solidified my thoughts that this man is one of our generation’s greatest songwriters. A Bruce Springsteen-esque ballad yet it is distinctively his own song. The lyrics and sentiment are beautifully realistic and hilariously dark. The music video is a must see too.

3. Freddie Gibbs – 1985

The whole Alfredo project from Gibbs and the Alchemist is the album of the year for me. From top to bottom this is a modern day masterpiece. Soak it in.

4. Roc Marciano – Richard Gear

Roc Marciano has been doing his thing for years and has consistently been penning some of the greatest lyrics to ever be spoken AND producing some of the sickest beats in my opinion. I love this whole album Marciealgo but this joint really paints the movie that is Roc Marciano in my mind.

5. Esg – Dance

Play this song at 4am at the kick on and watch everyone’s bodies move. If they aren’t moving you’re at the wrong kick on.

6. Jim E Stack – Somebody

This song is beautiful – it feels to me like it could’ve been an ’80s smash but it feels like it’s from the future. Melancholic yet hopeful and bright. Like falling in love in winter.

7. Francis and the lights – See Her Out (That’s Just Life)

This song has always taken me to another place, unknown, when I listen to it and still does to this day. I like playing it on headphones when I’m on a plane and it really makes me forget about everything and anything – it transports me to the world he has painted with this song. Beautiful art from an amazing artist.

8. The Alchemist Feat. Earl Sweatshirt – E. Coli

The Alchemist and Earl need to make a million songs together and this is the reason why. Raw and real poetry over beauty. Bump it loud.

9. Jimmy Nice – The Rules

Jimmy Nice has been doing his thing with Spit Syndicate and One Day for a long time but his debut solo record MADIDEA feels to me like his magnum opus thus far. Listen to this song from top to bottom and if you don’t feel like this is a return to the art of rap then you should go to sleep and listen again.

Speaking of sick collabs… Peking Duk teamed up with The Wombats for ‘Nothing to Love About Love’. As those two names on a song suggests, it’s a banger. Listen to it below and find all the streaming links here.

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