Legit: Peking Duk Are Opening A Bar In Melbourne This Year

Good time gang Peking Duk are bringing the party to Melbourne — permanently.

The Duk have announced plans to open up their own bloody bar right in the heart of the city!

Jumping on-air with the brekky crew at FOX hit 101.9 this morning, fresh from their (somewhat divisive) performance at last night’s MCG Origin opener, Reuben Styles & Adam Hyde confirmed that their sacred new watering hole shall be dubbed ‘Talk To Me’, and will open its doors in the first few weeks of September around Prahran/South Yarra.

Speaking later to the folks over at Pedestrian.TV, Hyde relayed the origin story of how the lads’ new business venture first blossomed.

“Pretty much we were getting drunk every time were in Melbourne – we would go to this bar and we were like ‘I reckon we could make this place a little better’, and then we actually just bought it,” he revealed.

“We’re reshaping it at the moment, and turning it into a little fun haven for people to get naughty at.”

Hyde also confirmed that the duo has teamed up with a mate with “heaps of years of bar experience”, who’s going to help them not inadvertently cock it up.

“I just recently moved to Melbourne, and I live around that area, and I just noticed how booming it is – it’s such a good vibe around there,” Hyde continued. “We’ll be throwing parties there a lot and doing some cool stuff with other artists. We’re just going to make it a really fun place.

“It’ll be like a playground for artists.”

All we can say is: YASSSSSSSSSSSS!

Music Feeds has reached out to the lads’ management for more info, but in the meantime, you can catch their chat with the Fox crew below.

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