Here Are 10 Of Matt & Alex’s Greatest Triple J Moments

It’s been an emotional day awash with the tears of early risers across the nation, who were forced to wave goodbye to their regular triple J brekky boys Matt & Alex after a three-year stand during the pair’s final show this morning.

But, as it always goes with breakups, it’s best to focus on the good times and all the incredible memories that you shared together, as opposed to the crippling pain that is currently crushing your heart like a Ribena berry.

That’s why we’ve decided to take a geez back at some of radioland’s favourite larrikin duo’s most memorable moments. So if your eyes are still feeling a bit sweaty following the pair’s emotional and inspiring on-air farewell or their very own Like A Version on the J-waves, then take a cruise on down the Memory Express below and knock some of the wind back into those droopy tune rags.

Smell ya later, Matt & Alex. Thnks fr th mmrs. Like, for instance…

1. That time they dressed up as a living Drake video on the ARIAs red carpet

Crum and Rat Dog won the ARIAs back in 2015 before the ceremony had even started, frocking up on the red carpet as a giant human Hotline Bling gif. Yes, eternally cloaked in the cultural zeitgeist, the pair hit the ARIAs circuit dressed as Drake and the giant pink background from his chart-smashing video clip.


We can’t mention the ARIAs without giving a shoutout to the lads’ equally-as-impressive efforts the year before, when they fronted up to the ceremony rocking a fake beard and a beige leotard to channel artists-of-the-moment Chet Faker and Sia. Two words: dat bulge.


2. That time they got physical

During their short-lived but nonetheless ingeniously-named Matt and Alex-ercise segment in 2015, the AM champs got sweaty, facing off in a Peking Duk and Joyride-soundtracked exercise regime all in the name of physical fitness. Their breakfast reign may have come to an end, but those Kylie-style hot pants will stay burned into our retinas for all eternity.

3. That time they rapped about their Instagram prowess

Never content to just be mere voices on the airwaves, Matt & Alex busted out of the radio and into cyberspace once again in 2015, with a venomous gangsta rap dubbed Doin’ Numbers, all about racking up massive social media gains. Not only was the official clip a bag of LOLs, it also helped raise money for a good cause: mental health charity, Headspace.

4. That time the whole of triple j taught Alex Dyson how to drive manual

Way back before Matt joined Alex on brekky duties, Dyso had a long and colourful AM relationship with Tom Ballard. So, when it arose that Alex had made it to 23-years-old and was still on his L Plates, Tom recruited the likes of Lewi McKirdy, Zan Rowe, Lindsay ‘The Doctor’ McDougall and Tom Tilley to give Alex some proper driving lessons (with varying degrees of success, and a whole lot of stalling).

5. That time they legitimately participated in the triple jump at the 2014 Uni Games

Matt & Alex weren’t just legends behind the mic — they were constantly out to prove that they were special physical specimens. Back in 2014, they legitimately entered the Triple Jump at Uni Games (representing of course, the University Of triple j), with Alex dressing in a ridiculously tight unitard. Against all odds, they both made it to the final, and Alex managed to beat actual competitors to place sixth overall while Matt flunked his final jump.

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