Here Are 10 Of Matt & Alex’s Greatest Triple J Moments

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6. That time they enlisted the biggest names in music to write the ultimate Hottest 100 song

In a move that was destined to fail, Matt & Alex got a GTFO silly number of musicians in the studio to try to write the ultimate song to win the Hottest 100 of 2014. From Alison Wonderland to Skrillex, Violent Soho to Peking Duk, Flume to Lorde — it was a battle of tastes and a battle of wills that achieved precisely dick… but boy, was it some quality viewing.

7. That time they made a perfume commercial in French for Legionnaire’s Hats

Everyone knows that Matt & Alex are solely responsible for bring Legionnaire’s Hats back into popularity and the public consciousness, so take a trip back and remember that one time that they created a short film called Je Suis Legionnaire, in which the legendary neck-protective hats were kind-of made to seem weirdly erotic.

8. That time Alex shredded his very own Play School remix live on air

Earlier this year, triple j Unearthed held a nifty competition to see who could come up with the most killer, bangin’ remix of the original Play School theme. Of course, Alex ‘Rat Dog’ Dyson wasn’t about to miss out on a chance to whip out his keytar and speed dealers and performed his own version, dubbed Come Inside, opposite a bemused Matt Okine. The remix involved some absolutely killer samples, which Dyso appropriately butchered (with some Fat Man Scoop references, as per usual).

9. That time they walked the streets of Melbourne yelling ‘Pack-er Up Boys’ at randoms

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment that cult heroes are born, but it would be hard to go past this video as one of the defining moments that Matt & Alex became forever embedded in the Aussie zeitgeist. In 2015, they confused the hell out of the general public, by popping up at unexpected places like public bins, surprising buskers, yelling at tradies and out of trams — ‘Pack-er Up, Boys’ became part of daily ‘Strayan lingo from that point onwards.

10. That time they did their very own Like A Version

So this only just happened today, but it’s definitely one for the history books. The regular Like A Version hosts crossed over to the other side to toast their final morning on air by delivering their very own bonafide Like A Version cover.

Recruiting a justice league of Aussie musos to make sure they didn’t fuck it up too much — including KLP, Running Touch, Elizabeth Rose, Vera Blue, Just A Gent, Commandeur and Art Vs Science’s Jim Finn — the radio bros dished up a ripping mashup of Seal’s 1994 track Kiss From A Rose and everyone’s go-to party anthem Sandstorm by Darude. Kiss From A Sandstorm = Epic.

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