Music Feeds Faves – 21/08/15

Each week the Music Feeds team hunt down their favourite new tunes, bundle them up in some, often highly legible words and bring them to you. It’s Music Feeds Faves.

Rytmeklubben – Girlfriend

You know what they say, “the harder to pronounce, the sexier the electro-pop”. Norwegian producer “super-group” Rytmeklubben (I’m pronouncing it as if I was saying “Right, McLovin” with a mouthful of grapes) are beginning to make themselves known locally, with some help off DJ Kween Nina Las Vegas and kudos from pals Wave Racer, Cosmo’s Midnight and more, who conveniently enough digitally cameo in the clip for absolute bop Girlfriend, which dropped a couple of weeks back.

The video paired with the juicy upbeat splash of chirpy synths and processed vocals takes place entirely inside the confines of an iPad, seeing the Rytmeklubben crew’s socials blowing the fuck up with love coming from the aforementioned producers as well as Aussies Basenji and Sable and seemingly the rest of the world’s bedroom producer crew. It’s super dope and you should watch it several times. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Content Director

Left. – Fire

The debut album from Sydney-based electronica duo Left. was built thematically around the mythical concept of the ‘Siren’ – you know, those beautiful but ultimately kind of murdery creatures that lure you to your eventual demise with their seductive song.

It’s worth keeping that in mind when listening to this new Left. track. Not exactly in the sense that the song will, you know, dramatically lead you to a watery grave, but, in the sense that singer Sarah Corry embodies some kind of enchanting, Siren-like quality.

Except here she’s singing from a place of seductive empowerment. “Consider me fire,” she croons, drawing you in with her breathy vocals layered over old school r’n’b’ beats, infused with spacey production.

According to the duo, the song is “about backing yourself in any situation, and remembering that you are much better than the person who tries to bring you down.“

Yeah, fuck those people. Consider yourself fire. / Nastassia Baroni, Editor


Melbourne producer LUCIANBLOMKAMP turned out a brilliant album last year with Post-Nature and just after a year later he’s already prepping album number two. From Afar is the first single from that record and it’s a moody, brooding number that builds and builds and then builds again.

Over its four minute duration, he introduces twinkling synths and hard-hitting beats before eventually unleashing every layer for a pretty spectacular finale. It goes from being a sparse number into a really dense, flourishing track that easily hooks you throughout. The final minute and a half is some of the most affecting Aussie electronica I’ve heard this year and I challenge anyone to stop their blood from rushing once they get to the end. Stellar stuff. / Sam Murphy, Staff Writer


Banoffee – With Her

Anyone who even slightly resembles Tilda Swinton’s groundbreaking portrayal of the White Witch in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, deserves your attention. Banoffee is a silver-haired enigma. I imagine that every full moon, she casts out her crystalline voice, and paints the night platinum. Her voice is really that enchanting; it coos in this soft, yet resistance-defying way. No matter how I feel, how deaf to the world of music, Banoffee will tip-toe her way past my parapets and then strike me with the ineffable beauty of sound.


With Her is a feather-light song. Oscar Key Sung lends his musical alacrity to the mix. Piano melodies, fragile-as-glass beats and deep hushing synths merge; it is a thin soundscape that can only Banoffee’s weightless voice can trek. My suggestion is that you wait until dusk and twirl in the peach-pink sunset as you listen to this song. You’ll feel transcendent. / Luke Bodley, Presenter

Jack Colwell – Don’t Cry Those Tears

Veritable hurricane of a musician and performer Jack Colwell is back with some more thunderous pop music with a new EP and single Don’t Cry Those Tears. One of Australia’s most truly unique artists, Jack’s melding of soaring orchestral work with densely dark rock-pop stylings makes for some powerful, eccentric tracks unlike anything else on the scene at the moment.

The video for Don’t Cry Those Tears arrived this week and lets Jack unleash the impressively manic theatrics his live shows have come to be known for, amidst a seedy, neon hued bath house.

Plus: BUTTS! How good are butts? / Mitch Feltscheer

Iron Maiden – Speed Of Light

The metal gods must have been smiling down upon us this week because the lords have returned. The unstoppable forces that are Iron Maiden have let rip the debut single off their monster new double LP, The Book Of Souls.

Entitled Speed Of Light, the track is vintage Maiden – all-guns-blazing riffery, theatrical nut-bustingly high Rob Halford vocals and one most excellent guitar solo.

bill n ted

Plus there’s some vintage Guns N’ Roses Nightrain-style cowbell happening which is totally acceptable.

And the cherry on top? The music video, where you get to see the band’s beloved undead mascot Eddie travel through space and time to obliterate 40-years worth of video game bad guys. / Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

Deerhunter – Snakeskin

Snakeskin is the swingin’ first taste of Deerhunter’s forthcoming seventh (!) album, Fading Frontier.

The scuzzy-ness of 2013’s Monomania has been relaxed a bit for Snakeskin, and the funk has been dialled up just enough so that it doesn’t mess with those spaced-out vibes Deerhunter perfected long ago.

Oh and frontman Bradford Cox hangs out with a cute dog in the song’s music video, which is a welcome bonus. Fading Frontier is set for release on 16th October. / Tom Williams, Staff Writer

Basenji – Petals

I have been a huge fan of this track from the moment I heard it and was excited to see how they would translate it to video. They did not disappoint! The smokey symmetrical setting houses feature vocalist Scenic and three dudes ready to seemingly indulge in the, (I’m assuming psychedelic) juice from a lotus petal. Shot in his family home in Sydney this slow motion trip inside a bubbled filled atrium-isk lounge room delights my senses. / Lara Amos, Content Manager


PILGRIMS is the new project born of Sydney-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Bowden and Australian born, London-based singer-songwriter Toma Banjanin, who’ve joined forces to make some seriously woozy, soupy music.

Pieces is the debut track from the duo which appropriately builds itself up, one piece at a time, heading towards an epic final chorus with a wall of voices piercing through the energetic synth and percussion. Bring on more of this plz lads! / Mitch Feltscheer


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