Music Feeds Faves – 14/10/16

The Music Feeds team wrangle together the fresh new tunes that made an impact on them over the last few weeks, for the ultimate new music playlist. It’s Music Feeds Faves!

D.D Dumbo – ‘Oyster’

Victoria’s Oliver Perry released his debut album as D.D Dumbo last Friday, and it’s been giving me intense Talking Heads and Jeff Buckley flashbacks ever since.

The album’s plodding final track Oyster closes out the impressive record with some feels-inducing vocals from Perry, and even some gorgeous autoharp.

There’s a lyric about sausage rolls in there too, and any song with a sausage roll reference is an instant winner in my book. / Tom Williams, News Editor

Jack River – Palo Alto

The opening of this song sounds just like Nirvana’s Come As You Are, but only for a few seconds before country finger picking and Jack River’s sweet but gutsy voice folks it right up. This tune is the ultimate indie-rock-country ballad, and sounds plucked from the ’90s but planted in the present, and extra nice blasted on a sunny afternoon, just like this very one. It sounds nostalgic but new, clean but dirty, and it’s almost impossible not to shout-sing along with the chorus, even if you don’t know the words. Jack River is a country gal from the little NSW rural town of Forster, but with songs like this she’s destined to end up in places much, much bigger.

“Palo Alto… became a kind of folder for memories and sentiments over a long stretch of time. I started writing it in my hometown, then continued it in Sydney… It’s about letting go but not giving up.”

Her new record Highway Songs No. 2 is out now. / Zana Rose, Staff Writer

Hands Like Houses – ‘Perspectives’

Canberra lads Hands Like Houses have punched out another towering rock anthem off their latest LP Dissonants. Like the disc’s previous singles, this belter fuses crushing distortion, walls of synth production and relentlessly singable melodies, delivered with rasping emotion. “You just don’t yet it,” wails frontman Trenton Woodley. Yeah Trent, yeah we fkn do. / Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

Oh and look there’s even a slick-as music video to match –

Bleach Girls – Like You

The debut single from Byron Bay-based Bleach Girls is two minutes of brash surf-rock riffs, pop melodies, and lo-fi punk guitars. It’s short, it’s sweet and a pretty exciting taste of their forthcoming debut EP Hi!, due out in November. / Nastassia Baroni, Managing Editor

Pond – ‘Sweep Me Off My Feet’

The pondlings over in Tame Impala offshoot Pond are working on a follow-up to their latest album Man It Feels Like Space Again. The new record is due at some point in 2017, and now the band have dropped a stunning new track co-produced by Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker.

Sweep Me Off My Feet is packing a bunch of contrasting textures, from buzzing synths to dreamy bells, and it all comes together under some of those weighty Parker-esque beats. It’s sweet and swaying but also dramatic, and I’m getting some disco vibes as well for some reason.

Basically, it’s overwhelming, but in a good way. / Tom Williams, News Editor

Timberwolf – Something That I Said

Australia’s Timberwolf might have had his break-out moment as a darling of the indie folk scene, but the first single from his upcoming new album sees Timberwolf charting more layered, textured and electric waters. A dangerous combination surely, when not handled with care

Thankfully on Something That I Said Timberwolf, with drummer Matt Birkin and producer Jackson Barclay, charters this new territory with grace. The result is a beautifully layered, Buckley-esque tune that has been dominating my playlist over the last week.

The man himself hopes the track “encourages people to celebrate feeling imperfect and a little bit shit at making friends and finding lovers, because we’re all really awkward and conflicted and anyone who thinks they’re not is even more-so.” I don’t think awkwardness has ever sounded so good. / Nastassia Baroni, Managing Editor

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