Music Feeds Podcast Episode #115: Giraffage

San Francisco based electronic music producer Giraffage is heading to the country for a quick run of tour dates on top of his set as part of the 2014 OutsideIn Festival, bringing tracks from his latest EP No Reason to life. Music Feeds caught up with the producer, real name Charlie Yin, before he touches down to see how he’s feeling about his impending tour.

“I fucking love Australia, it’s probably my favourite place I’ve ever toured,” he explains. “Australia in general is just really on top of things in terms of electronic music so I think they kind of understand what I’m going for more than US crowds or European crowds for instance. Also Australian people are the nicest people I’ve ever met.”

The new EP follows Giraffage’s previous full length release, Need, which was a resounding success, and sees him working for the first time with a label. Now he’s heading out on the biggest shows of his career, drawing in huge audience numbers.

“I think for me, everything has been very linear,” he explains. “It wasn’t like I had a viral video hit and everything just blew up the next day. It’s been very linear and I’ve had time to just settle in and get used to how things are going.”

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