Music Feeds Podcast Episode #117: Emilie Simon

Acclaimed French musician Emilie Simon will soon to return to our shores for a third time this coming summer as a part of the beloved outdoor concert series So Frenchy So Chic In The Park, and she’s thrilled about participating in the event.

“It’s absolutely not a French cliche,” she assures Music Feeds of the festival. “The choice of the artists is very great. All of the acts are probably the best you can hear from France right now. It’s outside in the summer so it’s very nice and there is food and wine, so it’s a whole experience.”

Simon’s voice has drawn comparisons to Kate Bush and Bjork, and she’s garnered praise for her charismatic stage presence, and the way she intricately layers live electronics and instruments with her own unique voice.

For her Australian dates Simon will tour with her full “energetic” band, who will work to bring to life tracks from her latest record Mue, as well a mix of songs from her extensive back catalogue, harking back to her 2003 self-titled debut album .

“It’s a cocktail of different albums and it comes together in a very nice way. I’m very pleased about it,” she explains.

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #117: Emilie Simon

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