Music Feeds Podcast Episode #16 – The Naked And Famous

With a brand new album on the way and a run of headlining tour dates planned, things are pretty hectic within The Naked And Famous camp, but founding member Thom Powers was nevertheless happy to take some time to chat with Music Feeds about the band’s long-awaited second studio album, tour prep and everything in between.

Currently living in LA, Powers and his bandmates have recently hit the studio to go over all the tracks featured on In Rolling Waves. As with their 2010 full-length debut, the band have gone above and beyond the call of duty, crafting a live show that requires a lot of preparation. As Powers explained, the need to replicate the album as accurately as possible on stage is what it’s all about.

Live performances are a big deal for the band, something fans are about to see at Big Day Out 2014. Being of New Zealand origins, Powers gave us his thoughts on the festival’s recent history in the area and its celebrated return.

In Rolling Waves is slated for a Friday, 13th September release, which according to Powers, wasn’t quite what the band had been planning. Listen to Music Feeds Podcast #16 below or download it in podcast form to hear the full story!

Music Feeds Podcast Episode #16 – The Naked And Famous (Thom Powers)

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