Music Feeds Podcast Episode #50 – The Bamboos

They’re on the cusp of world domination, but the lovely Ella Thompson and Lance Ferguson from Aussie soul and funk champions The Bamboos were kind enough to stop by Music Feeds Studio for a chat with the devilishly handsome Mike Hohnen just before they kicked off a national tour in support of latest LP, Fever In The Road.

The pair laid out the specifics of their songwriting process, as well as treating us to an exclusive live performance of the lead single from the album, Avenger, telling us about the challenge of writing a happy song and the unlikely influence of Dr Who in their music. Yes, really.

The outfit are exploring new territory on album number 6, with Lance telling us that his favourite bands are the ones that surprise their fans. “It would be so easy to make the same record over and over again – I really just don’t want to do that.”

So what exactly is this new territory the much-loved Melburnians are tackling? “This time I wanted to focus on the core band, the live band, what people actually come and see when they hear The Bamboos,” says Lance. They’ve also enlisted the help of legendary producer John Castle, who Lance explains has been involved from their inception, although he’s only been officially credited on their last two records. “He knows the band inside out on every level.”

Readers can check out the full interview and performances below.

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #50 – The Bamboos

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