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Music Feeds Podcast Episode #63 – Cold Chisel

Written by Sarah Bella on January 7, 2014

Australian rock royalty Cold Chisel need no introduction. After 35 years in the game, they’ve just dropped their latest release, The Live Tapes Vol. 1: Hordern Pavilion. April 18, 2012, and their iconic frontman, Jimmy Barnes, gave our own Mike Hohnen a call to talk about the record.

The rock ‘n’ roll pioneer told us that the record was made at a pivotal point in Chisel’s career. “It was a new beginning for the band because we didn’t think we’d go on after Steve [Prestwich, drummer] died. We just thought it would be the end of the band. But lo and behold, we came up with Mitch Shadlow, who slipped straight in and the band took a… It’s like Mark II of the band.”

Barnes says hearing the old recordings was a surreal experience. “You know, it triggers these memories of where the band took on this different sort of power, this different sort of strength. And I say power in the sense that suddenly I’d be singing and I’d realise that there’s this whole machine that’s just pumping behind me that’s sort of almost unstoppable.”

And as the name implies, The Live Tapes Vol. 1: Hordern Pavilion. April 18, 2012 is just one of many to be put out on the outfit’s own label, with Barnes telling us there’s plenty more where that came from. “This is one of a series of collections of songs that we’ve got, live collections, that we’re going to put out over the next few years.” Chisel fans, rejoice.

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Music Feeds Podcast Episode #63 – Cold Chisel

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