Music Feeds Podcast Episode #71 – Jimmy Eat World

Pop-punk vanguards Jimmy Eat World will soon be traversing the country as part of the epic Soundwave Festival 2014 lineup, receiving some prime real estate on the timetables to boot. We recently caught up with frontman Jim Adkins for the latest instalment of Music Feeds Podcast.

After talk of the band’s imminent vie for world domination through subliminal messaging in their new records, we discussed what it feels like being in a band for two decades. “It is [a head trip]. We just kind of go about our day but I guess it has been twenty years. It sneaks up on ya,” he says.

Jim made it clear that he felt nonchalant about the hallmark, telling us, “I think the natural tendency, for me anyways, when things are just going their way is to not put too much stock in it and to not let it go to your head. That also means not putting too much stock in the reality of it.”

“But I think in doing that…it keeps you from really appreciating it,” he concedes. “I think we’re at a place in our lives right now where it’s easier to see the really, really awesome things that have come to us.” Among the “really, really awesome things” is, of course, Soundwave. “It’s a big deal,” says Jim.

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