Music Feeds Podcast Episode #76 – Gorgon City

The Gorgon City boys were recently in the country to shake dance floors and mobilise punters at Future Music Festival 2014 with their classy mesh of old-school house sounds and crisp, modern production. They even managed to find some time to chat for the latest Music Feeds Podcast.

With a busy performance schedule, we asked the boys how they find time to record. “We’re kind of constantly touring, every weekend just doing DJ gigs,” says Kye Gibbon. “It inspires you, you’re always in that mode… it’s a good thing. We’ve been working on this album for about a year now.”

“Kind of unintentionally,” adds Matt Robson-Scott. “We were just making tunes, doing sessions with vocalists, and writing music. We didn’t really think about, ‘Oh, let’s make an album until we realised that we pretty much had an album written. We were kind of just making tunes.”

Despite the organic nature behind the making of their debut album, the boys knew what they wanted to say. “I remember when I made some tracks, I wouldn’t even be thinking about the kind of music in it, I would just be thinking about how to make it sound amazing on a sound system,” says Matt.

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