Music Feeds Podcast Episode #78 – Manchester Orchestra

Atlanta-based indie rockers Manchester Orchestra recently unveiled their fourth studio album, Cope, which has already garnered sterling reviews for being the band’s heaviest and most singular effort to date. To hear more about MO’s new album, we spoke with frontman Andy Hull.

We caught up with Andy as he was busy packing vinyl at the band’s merch store (an arduous manual labour task, Andy tells us) and we got to talking about the feeling in the band now that they’re on a new album cycle. “I feel really confident based on how I feel about the music,” he says.

“I worked harder on this record than any record before and really made sure that I carried it through — we all were — carried it through to the finish line. Listening back to it every couple of months, I’m still really proud of it. I can’t control anything other than that at this point,” Andy continued.

Andy also explained that their new album is the band’s most actualised recording, saying, “I think that’s why I like it so much is ’cause it sounds exactly how I wanted it to sound. It was supposed to sound different than anything else. I wanted to make a record that didn’t sound like anything else.”

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