Music Feeds Podcast Episode #83 – The Birds Of Satan

“Nobody’s going to be buying any mansions from this record. I have a good feeling that’s not going to happen,” says Taylor Hawkins, drummer and singer of The Birds Of Satan, his getaway from what he refers to as “the mother ship” of the rock mega-conglomerate known as Foo Fighters.

Speaking to Music Feeds for the latest Music Feeds Podcast, Taylor chats about the band’s debut record, which was famously recorded in one week, how it comes from a long rock and roll tradition of quickly-produced albums, and what the band’s climate has been since the release.

“The climate’s okay, we’re actually recording another B-side as we speak. My buddy Steve Perkins, the drummer from Jane’s Addiction, actually played drums on it and I just sing on it and he’s actually upstairs doing percussion right now,” says Taylor, picking the namedrop off the ground.

Asked if the record was as fun to make as it is to listen to, Taylor replied, “Absolutely. It really was, I mean we did it so quick. We did it in one week.” He explained that this was mostly the result of only having a small amount of time to record in and that the aim was “not perfection, but excitement.”

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #83 – Birds Of Satan (Taylor Hawkins)

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