Music Feeds Podcast Episode #131: Guy Pearce

Renowned Australian actor Guy Pearce made the decision a few years back to finally reveal his musical talents to the world. This year he unveiled his debut album, Broken Bones. While audiences may have been surprised by what it seemed were Pearce’s hidden musical inclinations, according to the man himself the record has been a long time coming.

“It just sort of became ready,” he explains. “I’ve been working away on stuff for years and making music, knowing at some point I would probably release it or knowing that I’d feel alright enough about it to release it. And I guess it sort of came about.”

Pearce says his hesitance to release a record over the years was due in part to the attention placed on actors making a foray into the music world and dealing with that was something he wasn’t prepared for at the time.

“Back in 1986 when I was doing Neighbours and a couple of the other actors were releasing music and people were getting really excited about that. I would talk in interviews about the fact that I made music and some people would be really into the idea and others really wouldn’t,” he says.

“Either way there’s this massive spotlight on the fact that, as an actor, if you’re interested in music, you’re either going to be hated for liking it or people are going to flock to you. It was just all too much.”

Now, though, he feels the time has arrived. “I’ve always had recording gear and I’ve always been recording. I’ve just never let it out, yet. Really all that has changed is that I’ve gone, ‘Well, OK, here, I’ll let some of it out.'”

Broken Bones is out now and Pearce will be touring alongside former Powderfinger guitarist Darren Middleton in January/February 2015. Listen to the full chat and see those tour dates below.

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #131: Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce + Darren Middleton Broken / Translations Tour

Saturday, 31st January

The Capital, Bendigo

Tickets: The Capital

Saturday, 7th February

Thornbury Theatre, Melbourne

Tickets: Thornbury Theatre

Sunday, 8th February

Caravan Music Club, Oakleigh

Tickets: Caravan Music Club

Thursday, 12th February

QPAC, Brisbane

Tickets: QPAC

Friday, 13th February

Nambour Civic Centre, Sunshine Coast

Tickets: SC Venues And Events

Tuesday, 17th February

The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide

Tickets: The Garden Of Unearthly Delights

Thursday, 19th February

Lizotte’s Restaurant | Newcastle

Tickets: Lizotte’s

Friday, 20th February

Factory Theatre, Sydney

Tickets: Factory Theatre

Saturday, 28th February

GPAC, Geelong

Tickets: GPAC

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