Music Feeds Podcast Episode #88 – All The Colours

Melbourne progressive vintage pop rock supergroup All The Colours dropped their eponymous debut just a few months back but they have no intentions on slowing down the music making. Just before heading out to the sunny shores of LA to lay down tracks at the iconic Joshua Tree studios, the band dropped by Music Feeds for the latest instalment of Music Feeds Podcast to chat about Tom Cruise films, being mistaken for Chris Martin and their favourite Sydney pizza joint.

“Frankies is a modern day cheers,” says the band having recently played a set at the Sydney venue. “The music’s fun, you can grab something to eat, the crowd’s not pretentious in any way. It’s got business suits, it’s got hippies, punk rockers, metal heads, it’s got bogans – the whole bunch. But everyone’s getting on because it’s got pizza.”

Speaking about the process of recording a debut record, the band said they didn’t feel any pressure to lock in to a particular sound. “We didn’t really go into it thinking this is going to be All The Colours’ sound, it’s a body of work for us and we wanted it to be a nice album,” they explain. “Not a rocky album, not anything that’s going to change the world, but something that’s nice to listen to and that we would enjoy…put it on on a Sunday afternoon and eat so sandwiches to.””

All the Colours will be heading off the LA and Mexico next for some shows and recording. “We’re just going to see what’s shaking over there. We’ll do some recording, we’re going to Joshua Tree, we’ve got the studio booked out there for a week so we’ll do a new EP.”

The hard working rockers say they have “solid plans” to be releasing a lot of music in the future, even teasing a few singles to out before the end of the year. “All you need to do if you’re in a band is do it and then it’s done,” they said. “You can just make it happen, it’s not that hard.”

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