PREMIERE: Belle Noble’s ‘Instinct’ Video Will Inspire You To Let Go & Back Yourself

It’s easy to throw around the saying “trust your instincts” but it’s something entirely different to actually do it. For fresh-faced, fearless Melbourne artist Belle Noble, though, it’s the only way.

The hip-pop/RnB auteur’s stirring debut ‘Instinct’ is all about following your heart, and its accompanying visuals amplifies this rallying cry for empowerment and self-awareness, inspired by watching her friends sacrifice their happiness in pursuit of other peoples’ definition of success.

“I remember sitting back and thinking, I never want to make this mistake,” she explains. “So I took something that came from a bitter place and turned it into a message of empowerment and individualism.”

The video for the song was created in collaboration with production company C-KOL and features a group of talented dancers improvising based on instinct. Upon hearing the song for the first time, each dancer was simply instructed to react physically to how the song made them feel, with the camera rolling.

“I want this project, as ambitious as it sounds, to remind us that we each have the power to do and feel what is right,” says Noble. “Follow our moral compasses, be open but critical to what the media tells us, and give ourselves permission to listen and act according to our own instincts.”

Belle Noble – Instinct

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