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PREMIERE: Let Bob Evans Take You Back With His ‘Born Yesterday’ Video

Bob Evans‘ voice is inherently one that reminds you of brighter days, and now the alter-ego of Jebediah frontman Kevin Mitchell has dived headfirst into that nostalgia with new song ‘Born Yesterday’.

The song is rich in searing guitars with some absolutely killer saxophone towards the back end, making a perfect soundtrack to a summer road trip away from all of 2020’s problems.

“I was backstage at a Jebediah gig when an old housemate from Perth messaged me with a link to our old share house we lived in that was for sale,” Evans said of the song’s inspiration.

“We couldn’t believe it when looking through the photos of the house that it hadn’t changed at all since we lived there in the late 90’s.  What followed was a slew of messaging between us, as well as the other two friends I used to live with in that house.  It was my first share house after leaving home and the whole exchange between us and seeing the house again just brought back a lot of great memories from that time and age, my late teens and early twenties.

“I already had the music for the song pretty much written at that stage so all I needed was the lyric to go with it.  It’s a deeply nostalgic song for me, looking back at a stage of my life that feels so long ago now, but at the time it felt like it would last forever.”

Of the video, which is made like a retro-style pastiche and shot on a vintage super 8 camera, Evans said, “I knew the song would really suit a more abstract kind of video, because it’s about memories, so lots of home made visual snapshots was how I imagined it and then as COVID happened and lockdowns happened, it became more and more obvious that we should make that kind of video.

“So it mixes footage from the last few years with footage from during lockdown,” he continued.

“There’s even a couple of seconds of my two kids at the beach in there as well.  It will forever be a document of this strange year we’ve lived through, which I’m really happy to have captured.”

Evans is launching the song with actual shows (!) in Victoria (!!) next month (!!!), and you can find all those details here.

Watch the video for ‘Born Yesterday’ below.

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