PREMIERE: Brisbane Newbies Hey Baby! Make The Case For An Aussie Weed Delivery Service In Cheeky New Video

Brisbane garage rock band Hey Baby! have delivered a hilarious debut music video for their track 1-800 WEED.

The track is a cheeky call for the legalisation of marijuana in Australia and the video centres around a weed delivery services aptly called ‘1-800 Weed’.

It was inspired by frontman Kacper Majchrowski’s experience with an Uber-esque weed delivery service in San Diego and the visual portrays that convenience as the band have the goods delivered straight to them, meaning more time for couch chills.

The band have plenty of hijinks as they chill on the couch and smoke doobies and as Majchrowski told Music Feeds, there was very little acting needed.

“Essentially, we wanted to recreate the idea of a weed delivery service whilst filming ourselves doing quirky stoner-esque things,” he said. “We also just wanted to have some fun, and that’s pretty much what we ended up doing!”

There’s a pretty all-star team behind the song. It was mixed by Konstantin Kersting of The Belligerents and mixed by Steve Smart who is known for his work with giant acts like Midnight Oil and Empire Of The Sun.

Check out the video below.

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