Bluejuice’s Jake Stone Celebrates ‘4/20’ By Dropping A Song About Weed With His New Band

Today is the 20th of April, otherwise known as 4/20 in the US, and #420 day for pot fiends everywhere. So, to celebrate, Bluejuice frontman Jake Stone has dropped a new single called ‘Smoking Weed’ with his new band Comp The Unknown.

The trio, which also features Dan Williams (of Art Vs Science) and Matthew Bilic (of Matrick Jones and Jody), have released the song as their debut track, and it’s packing some seriously smooth stoner hip hop vibes, and even tinges of early Gorillaz.

The song spawned from a trip to the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney, which saw Comp The Unknown collaborate with Lachlan West from The Griswolds, Melbourne musician Daniel Farrugia and engineer Alex Gooden to lay down some tunes.

The trio promise that “this is just a little teaser of more material to come”, and they want you to know that not all of their material is about smoking weed.

Late last year, Jake Stone returned with ‘Trick Of The Light’, his first new track since Bluejuice broke up back in 2014.

Stream ‘Smoking Weed’ by Comp The Unknown below, alongside the group’s other new song ‘Bad Side’.

Happy 420 m8s!

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