PREMIERE: Curly Blonde Go Full Cabin Fever In New Video ‘Room 309’

2020 has meant that literally every single one of us know the cons…and only the cons of being confined to your home for an extended period of time, and Curly Blonde have explored that in their new video for ‘Room 309’.

The song is a summery haze that sees the duo – Brynn O’Connor and Fergus Selkirk-Bell – worry about how monotonous life can be in your 20s.

The video, which was filmed by the duo during lockdown in Victoria, matches that vibe perfectly, seeing them get progressively frustrated with one another as they cycle through a myriad of mindless tasks.

“The concept of the video clip was to capture the isolation and monotony of being stuck in the same place but wanting to get out of there,” O’Connor said of the visual.

“The video clip resonates really well with the song, because Room 309 is about someone having such high hopes for life, but not being able to reach any goals.  The COVID lockdown situation sort of helped us in a way, because not being able to go anywhere and having to do the same things over and over again fitted so well into the music video.”

Watch the video for ‘Room 309’ below.

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