PREMIERE: Emma Davis Gets Pranked By A Vengeful Ex-Lover In Fun New ‘So It Is’ Video

Sydney-via-London songstress Emma Davis has gifted us with a music video for the latest sparkling indie-pop gem to be unveiled from her forthcoming album Demons.

Premiering exclusively via Music Feeds below, the clip for ‘So It Is’ sees our heroine fall victim to a bunch of mean pranks from a vengeful ex-lover.

“The track’s essentially about not letting someone knock you down for too long and trying to just keep moving forward,” Emma explains.

“My brother helped me plan the premise. We liked the idea of someone carefully messing with their ex-lover in a slightly destructive but humorous way.

“The ex-lover has moved on mentally so pushes on with their day, brushing off every hit,” she continues.

“It was very fun to make. I was plotting practical jokes for a week or so and then Nick and I shot in my apartment and all around my local area. I basically lived out a slightly bizarre day in the life of me. I learnt that driving with shaving foam on your windscreen is hard and I’m still finding little spots of food dye and glitter around the place.”

Watch the video below, and prepare for Emma’s debut album Demons to land on August 3rd.

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