PREMIERE: Gaspar Sanz Channel Their Inner Impressionists In DIY ‘On My Way’ Video

Sydney-based indie outfit Gaspar Sanz are testing your art history knowledge, today premiering a brand new video for debut single ‘On My Way’ which acts as a pastiche homage to timeless works of art.

The clip for ‘On My Way’ stars a mysterious protagonist, donning an oversized, face-masking hat (think Jamiroquai’s ‘Virtual Insanity’) as he runs through various realms, each uniquely styled in the vein of famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Edvard Munch.

What’s more impressive is the clip is completely DIY, the band putting it together themselves using the free mobile app Prisma, transforming raw video footage to over 5000 still frames which were then individually filtered through the app and stitched back together. That’s 120 hours spent manually exporting, filtering and uploading the images on an iPhone, in just over a week.

“The hardest part of the whole process was that we really had no idea what we were doing,” the band tell Music Feeds. “Jimmy [singer] had to learn how to use the video editing software Premiere Pro, to edit the video together, we kept missing frames when we were filtering in Prisma so had to go back and re-filter a bunch and we ran out of beers one night so everything just became really boring.

“The song is about nostalgia,” they add. “Feeling the attachment of the past but moving forwards into a new future and the self-doubt that comes with getting through life,”The character in the video is the part of all of us that is running from something and heading to something new and I guess the message is we’re all running around in a crazy world that doesn’t make sense – might as well party while you’re there.”

‘On My Way’ is taken from the Gaspar Sanz EP, due for release next month. Take a tour through art history via the clip, here below.

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