PREMIERE: Tia Gostelow Gets Caught Up In An Unconventional Love Triangle In ‘That’s What You Get’ Video

Not only is Tia Gostelow among Australia’s most talented up and coming artists, she knows her way around a captivating, if slightly unnerving music video, and her clip for latest single ‘That’s What You Get’ is the latest example.

The clip tells the story of a somewhat ~unconventional~ love triangle, playing on some of the themes in Gostelow’s dancey, indie pop number that is, in itself, an expansion of the young muso’s already established folk/rock sound.

“The way we like to come up with treatments for music videos is we listen to the song over and over and over again, trying to work out what we think the songs about and the story that the artist is telling. So Tia might tell you otherwise, but we’re pretty sure ‘What You Get’ is about inter-species sex with puppets,” explain directors Luke Angelo-Roberts and Branden Wittchen of Why Not? Films.

“Anyways after we came up with the puppet treatment we thought we should come up with a few different ideas since we actually wanted the gig. But they must have been pretty bad since they went with the puppet one…So we blame Tia for the video.”

Wherever the “blame” may lie, Gostelow herself is pretty stoked with the result. “I loved making this clip,” she tells Music Feeds. “Working with the puppets was kind of odd and it really really put me out of my comfort zone having to act with them but I ended up loving it! I’m usually horrible at acting but the boys from Why Not? Films put me through this interrogation before I had to act where they’d just start basically being the good and bad little people on my shoulders and just throwing questions at me trying to evoke emotion and it definitely worked! I had such a good time!”

Tia Gostelow is currently working on her debut solo album and will play a handful of national tour dates from July through October this year. Catch the full clip for ‘That’s What You Get’ here.

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