PREMIERE: LT Addresses Bipolar Disorder On The Bouncy ‘Rollercoaster’

Queensland’s Leanne Tennant (better known to music fans as LT) is back with ‘Rollercoaster’, her first single of 2022. ‘Rollercoaster’ is a slick piece of alt-pop, which leans into the lavish and theatrical as it uses a shiny exterior to address matters far more serious than they seem.

‘Rollercoaster’ is officially released on Wednesday, 20th July. The track and its equally-eclectic music video are premiering on Music Feeds. ‘Rollercoaster’ follows LT’s 2021 singles ‘Hold Ya’ and ‘How Would It Feel’, the latter of which was remixed by J Hustl3 back in February.

LT – ‘Rollercoaster’

LT was born in the UK, raised in Papua New Guinea, but now calls far north Queensland her home. Boasting a storied music career, ‘Rollercoaster’ stands tall in her discography as one of the most important songs she’s released to date, hiding significantly personal and hard-hitting themes behind a bright and bubbly exterior.

“‘Rollercoaster’ is about caring for someone who battles with bipolar disorder,” LT said in a statement. “It’s about navigating through sleepless nights and uncontrollable highs, and keeping afloat during days of slumber and sweeping lows. It’s about love, perseverance, and riding that rollercoaster until you next see light.”

Aiming to contextualise the track’s message for its accompanying music video, LT worked alongside emerging Brisbane creator Brendan Shoenmaker and dancers and actors Katie Woods and Ellie Bankowski to craft a visual representation of duality, with vintage arthouse cinema filtered through a modern lens.

Like the track itself, the clip reflects the highs and lows of bipolar disorder, portraying them in a realistic yet hopeful manner.

“Due to the sensitive subject matter of ‘Rollercoaster’, it was really important we created something beautiful that in no way added to the stigma that people battling mental health issues can experience,” LT explained. “Brendan used inspiration from filmmaker Ingmar Bergman’s persona, creating a film depicting inner duality.”

LT continued: “It explores the relationship of duality from a perspective of absence and presence, with the dance built around two characters slipping in and out of each other’s space. It is the tug of war between these moments that we wanted to showcase along with connection, endurance and the will to push on through.”

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