PREMIERE: Max Lawrence drops stunning video for new song ‘Gasoline’

Melbourne pop artist Max Lawrence is traversing new and exciting territory with his latest single ‘Gasoline’, and now he’s dropped an even more exciting video.

The video is a technicolour Wonka-land, jolting between absurdism, horror and humour so quickly it’ll give you whiplash – in the best way possible. It juxtaposes with the song, which delicately tiptoes the line between the smooth synths of Tame Impala and glitchy overload pop of PC Music.

“‘Gasoline’ is about our tendency to desperately distract ourselves from dark, existential thoughts through money and material possessions, all the while being in denial, convincing ourselves that we’re happy in the end,” Lawrence said of the song in a press statement.

“The world is super confusing, so I write songs to try and understand my place amongst all the beauty and the chaos of it all,” he continued.

“And with ‘Gasoline’ I’m basically just asking what the point of it all is, and what I want out of my life, and coming up with no answers except for this relentless compulsion I have to make art.”

Watch the enthralling music video for ‘Gasoline’ below.

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