PREMIERE: Port Royal Enlist Rockstar Puppet Frontman For New ‘Get Heavy’ Video

From Kermit to Elmo to Miss Piggy, some of the most powerful figures in the entertainment industry are puppets with big personalities, so it seems appropriate that Brisbane quartet Port Royal have enlisted one such personality to star in the video for their latest single ‘Get Heavy’.

For the clip, Port Royal have done away with their otherwise charismatic frontman Lawson Doyle in favour of his puppet doppelganger, the exuberant puppet rockstar fronting the band in a high-octane performance of the rollicking tune that takes its cues from Rolling Stones-esque ’70s rock and roll.

According to (human) Lawson, ‘Get Heavy’ was inspired “by the frustrations and experiences of adolescence: no money, late nights, broken hearts, and substance experimentation. Many of the verse lyrics refer to insane situations and stories from different people in my life, and was written at a time where I began to understand the chaos and confusion of growing up.”

The puppet concept was the brainchild of the clip’s director Julian D’arcy as a way to express how Port Royal were just “little people” with big dreams in a big scene when they first started out.

“The whole idea of the puppet is he is a disguise, he is a dreamer, he is a little personality,” Lawson tells Music Feeds. “In his own head, he is a star and the whole idea for this video was to bring the persona of this little guy to life through the music.”

Seriously though, this is a puppet with attitude and Port Royal better watch out, lest he leave them behind to front some kind of muppet supergroup with Dr Teeth and Animal.

Lawson’s doppelgänger puppet was hand-made by qualified Sunshine Coast-based ventriloquist Rebecca Dostal and modelled off Lawson’s own look, down to the sunglasses.

Port Royal will launch ‘Get Heavy’ at a show in Brisbane this May. It is not yet known whether human Lawson or puppet Lawson will take the stage.


Port Royal ‘Get Heavy’ Single Launch

Saturday, 13th May

Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane

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