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Tom Fleming | Image by Jennifer Lane

One True Pairing Releases New Single “Be Strong”

Tom Fleming, also referred to as ‘One True Pairing’ has released his third new single titled “Be Strong” on Thursday, 20th June. The previous two songs released were “Frozen Food Centre” and “Mid-Life Crisis”. This track, “Be Strong” marks the third John ‘Spud’ Murphy (Lankum, black midi, caroline) produced singly to be released by Fleming. 

One True Pairing – ‘Be Strong’

Tom Fleming said the following “You search the streets, trying every door. All locked. The cold night stretches out ahead, utterly indifferent to you. Everything has fallen silent and everyone has gone. To gather up all the things that led here would take forever, but you have to do it. This song is for Jenny, who showed me that true strength is in tenderness and brute force is worthless. It’s a gentler song for sure but it’s heartfelt and means a lot to me. A love song. Things can change.” 

The track “Be Strong” is quite tender and reflective and it’s about a singer-songwriter finding new clarity about being a man and growing up by eventually asking various bigger questions about how to go through that process. 

The music video accompanying the song has been directed by Angus Gannagé, who was also the director of the music video for “Mid-Life Crisis”. The video “Be Strong” has been made very cleverly and is heartwarming too. The video portrays the roles of a puppet and a puppet master. 

Fleming’s music has always revolved around ideas of masculinity, the mournful and erotic experiences of the Northern men. But with time, his music has also changed and evolved and he continues with this theme along with some newly found experiences. 

You can stream the heart-warming new single ‘Be Strong’ here.

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