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PREMIERE: Sir Winston Stirs Up Frenzied Synth-Punk On New Single ‘Hollywood Hills’

New York-based, Australian producer and songwriter Sir Winston‘s new track ‘Hollywood Hills’ uses its swaggering, LCD Soundsystem-esque synth-punk as a backdrop to tell a cautionary tale about the darker side of hedonism.

“I’m alone in a house in the Hollywood Hills,” yelps Winston Giles as the song opens. “My girl passed out on the wrong pills.”

Giles says the track – which followers his debut single under the Sir Winston moniker, last year’s ‘Everybody Must Dance’ – was written about a real experience that occurred in the titular Hills. The track was then recorded at Transmitter Studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

“The sessions were as crazy as the track,” he explains.

“I wanted it to sound very organic. Hours went into tracking the simple organic sounds like the tambourine and the kick drum. You can also hear my boot banging on the floor of the studio in time with the kick drum.

“We tried so many different things – I wanted to hear the room in the track. Doing the vocal was like an outer body experience! We also messed around with so many different synths and spent hours and hours on guitar tones – trying so many fuzz pedals and vintage amps.”

Today, we’re streaming ‘Hollywood Hills’ ahead of its official release tomorrow. Check it out below.

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