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Winston Surfshirt Announce New Album ‘Panna Cotta’, Share New Single

Sydney six-piece Winston Surfshirt have revealed the details of their new album, with Panna Cotta slated for an 11th November release. The band’s third album follows the similarly-titled records, 2017’s Sponge Cake, and 2019’s Apple Crumble.

News of Panna Cotta comes accompanied by the fresh track, ‘Of Another Kind’, which sees the group teaming up with Sydney-based singer Milan Ring and rapper Jerome Farah to craft a genre-hopping piece of work. It’s an immersive listen, contrasting the smooth melodies of Winston and Milan Ring with the slick flows of Farah.

Winston Surfshirt – ‘Of Another Kind (feat. Milan Ring and Jerome Farah)’

“Milan is the best, she just got it instantly. Her melodies and some of the harmonies she uses are crazy,” the band’s mononymous leader said of the collaboration. “Then we threw it back to Jerome and he nailed his verse energy from start to finish.”

“It’s been really fun working with so many features from all over the world and you’ll see on this album how many we actually have, it’s filled to the brim,” added Winston. “But there’s something special about making music with close friends so it was cool to make ‘Of Another Kind’ with Milan and Jerome. This track is like Winston Jazzhouse – it’s not house and it’s not jazz but that’s just how I’d describe it.”

The new track joins the likes of ‘Complicated’, ‘Maybe I’m In Love With You’, and ‘There’s Only One’ on the band’s upcoming third album. In addition to Milan Ring and Jerome Farah, Panna Cotta includes guest appearances from Talib Kweli (on ‘Maybe I’m In Love With You’), Genesis Owusu (on ‘There’s Only One’), Young Franco (on ‘Complicated’), Kimbra, Dope Lemon, and more.

Panna Cotta is the last dessert on the table, something for everyone to try, a bunch of different ingredients mixed together,” Winston explained. “I’d say it is my dream album that I wanted to hear Winston Surfshirt make. It’s us ticking some names off our bucket list of features.”

He continued, “I always wanted to work with other artists on records for our own stuff and from the get-go had the idea that the next album would be full of collaborations, every song would have a feature, so started pulling bits together with that intention. Two years later, 12 features, 15 songs, and it’s yours.”

Panna Cotta is set for release on Friday, 11th November.

Winston Surfshirt – Panna Cotta

  1. Panna
  2. All Of The Little Things (feat. Ramirez)
  3. There’s Only One (feat. Genesis Owusu)
  4. Maybe I’m In Love With You (feat. Talib Kweli)
  5. Tape 25’
  6. All I’m Saying (feat. Kimbra)
  7. 0421 (feat. Melodownz)
  8. Love You To Bits (feat. Devin The Dude)
  9. I Want You (To Be My Woman) (feat. Dope Lemon)
  10. Complicated (feat. Young Franco)
  11. Photo’s Of You (feat. SWSH)
  12. Of Another Kind (feat. Milan Ring, Jerome Farah)
  13. Tape 45’
  14. I Could Play The Part (feat. PRICIE)
  15. Cotta

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