PREMIERE: West Thebarton Brothel Party Trigger Your Best & Worst ‘Moving Out’ Flashbacks In Their Latest Video

Shit everywhere, a sore back from lifting boxes all day and a sore brain from trying to play Tetris with furniture in the back of the van: everyone hates the rigmarole associated with moving out.

Thankfully, Adelaide hellions West Thebarton Brothel Party (and we probably don’t want to know the story behind that name) have taken some of the sting out of the nightmarish ordeal with a pumping new anthem dubbed ‘Moving Out’.

While the song’s Liam Somerville-directed grunge-ass visuals may trigger flashbacks of the hellish slog that is boxing up your life and carting it from one place to another, the rapid-fire screamer of a tune will have you pumping your fist throughout.

“The clip really just revolves around that dreaded moving day. The day you kill your back, learn to drive manual and remember the best things about the house you’re moving out of,” frontman Reverend Ray explains.

“The clip itself followed me packing my bags (boxes), finding all the loose change under my mattress and skipping off to move into a different house. Love them/hate them/wanna kill them, all the housemates are pulling their weight and helping the move go smooth.

“While this is all happening, I’m reflecting really hard on all the sick times we had in that share-house in Torrensville. Backyard cricket, goon of fortune on the hills hoist, being the only one awake by midday on any given Sunday and all those fuckin’ house parties that I’m sure our neighbours love our guts for.

“The house party scenes are the ultimate reflection on all the good times had at the house,” he says. “We had one final ‘moving out’ party, and tried to make it huge. The backyard the next day was a bit of a burn out scene, but I guess when you’re the one leaving, you couldn’t really give a shit.”

Meanwhile, West Thebarton Brothel Party will be moving themselves around the country’s capital cities over the next few weeks to tour their new single, ahead of appearances at Queensland’s Big Pineapple Music Festival and Victoria’s The Hills Are Alive later this year.

They’ve also got their debut album on the way, which is slated for an August release.

While you wait for it to drop, catch the awesome video for ‘Moving Out’ and the band’s national tour dates, below.


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