PREMIERE: Xavier Rudd Shares Stunning Animated Video For ‘Storm Boy’

Two years down the road, Xavier Rudd has shared an official music video for ‘Storm Boy’, the title track to his 2018 solo album of the same name. The absolutely stunning clip was directed and animated by Italian stop-motion artist Gianluca Maruotti, and paints a vivid visual accompaniment to the many of the song’s sentiments around connecting with the natural world.

“I’m literally just singing about the things that are going on around me,” says Rudd, whose environmental work, veganism, spiritualism, surfing, and traveling is often intertwined with his songwriting. The result is that ‘Storm Boy’ is a song that at once is tremendously personal but also passionately relatable.

Speaking to Music Feeds back around the time of the album’s release in 2018, Rudd explained, “It’s full of many stories. I guess it’s a reflection of life over the past… well, I guess I’ve written these songs over the past probably five or six years, but a couple of them even longer – like ten years ago.

“There’s a couple I’ve had sort of tucked away and waiting for the right time to bring them through, some special little songs that I had. I guess it’s a special record for me.. I’m stoked with the whole process, everything that went into this and everyone that worked on it was amazing, and it sort of all just fell together brilliantly.”

Watch the video for ‘Storm Boy’ below.

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