Scott Burns

Scott Burns brought out his debut album Day 1 on LookUP, the label he runs with his crew of the same name. Music Feeds called him up on Melbourne Cup day last week to find out how the album is being received and about the crew’s regular PROPER nights at the UTS Loft Bar. Scott jumped in with the first question before I had time to launch my own.

Scott Burns: You getting ready for the race?

Music Feeds: Nah, man. I don’t know the first thing about it. What about you?

SB: Definitely, man. I’m a ‘feelgood’ better. I don’t really want to win money. I just want to win something. So I put bets on heaps of different horses. I’ll probably bet against myself, but if I can have something that I can say that I’ve won I’ll be happy.

MF: Nice one. How have the shows at the Loft Bar been going?

SB: The shows at the Loft Bar have been going on for over a year now. I’ve been doing that with my crew, LookUP. We’ve just been trying to promote hip-hop to people in Sydney over a lot of different formats. So we’ve been doing things where we have producer nights; we have MC battle nights; we have nights where people can see live acts and party; we have nights where you can see DJ’s and dance. We’re blessed to have a venue like the Loft where it’s free to get in and all that.

The response has been really good. It’s quite rare that you get a hip-hop night in Sydney – because the community is so small, it’s rare that you can keep a night going for over a year. We’ve been quite surprised by the response and it only seems to be getting bigger, so it’ll be interesting to see where it ends up.

MF: What did you and the LookUP crew originally set out to do?

SB: The reason we started LookUP was to be a label. After being around for eighteen months now, we’re finally releasing our first record this week, which is my album called Day 1. So that’s exciting because it’ll be a new frontier for us and we’re looking forward to releasing albums from Binge Thinkers and That’s Them in 2009.

MF: How has your new album, Day 1, been received so far?

SB: The response has been great: Triple J have picked up a couple of tracks, they were playing tracks earlier today from it. There are a lot of people giving me good feedback. I mean, it’s great hearing from people who you haven’t spoken to for a couple of years that they walked into a record store and saw your CD and got it.

Scott Burns is having a launch party for the release of Day 1 on Saturday 29th November at Hermann’s Bar at the University of Sydney.

The next PROPER night, featuring Polo Club from Victoria and a bunch more local hip-hop, is happening at the UTS Loft Bar on Friday 21st November.

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