The Music Feeds Guide To Festival Etiquette

festival douche

Music festivals are designed to gather a large group of music fans in one place so they can share in their enjoyment of certain bands and particular songs with their fellow man or woman. Yet it often seems that some people are hell bent on making the experience as anti-social as possible.

We’re not talking about unruly crowd surfers or those who’ve overindulged on their favourite beverage here. These are the habitual offenders who violate the unwritten codes of conduct which make life bearable for your fellow festival-goer and help create a communal environment.

So what can you do to stop yourself from being “that guy”? Well, knowing what not to do is a good start, and Music Feeds has got your back. The below is a list of violations that we see all too often at festivals, ranging from dangerous and disrespectful behaviour to common misdemeanours, and should probably be avoided if you don’t want to XTL.

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