The Paper Scissors

The Paper Scissors are a band who get as good as they give. They give it loud, raucously and sometimes a little bit drunk so if the vibe is right, you can be sure that a Paper Scissors show will be the most romantic night of your life. Failing that, it should be a bloody good one at least. Their shows are everything aforementioned and a little bit more – communal, uninhibited and a full on exercise in reckless abandon. It’s rollicking good fun.

The machine has started once more as the band return to the scene with all the swagger and fervour they left us with two years ago. They’ve just released an aptly titled new EP called “Howl”, and are currently downing the vitamins in preparation for their forthcoming tour.

It’s a good thing too, because like all their material, Howl is a collection of tunes dying to be played live. It’s all still classic Scissors whilst flaunting a newer, shinier side to their coin and serves as a glimmer of what’s on the not too distant horizon.

“It’s been a long time and we just felt like we had to give people a bit of an idea of where we were going, and I think that’s really what this is.” explains Scissors front man Jai Pyne. “It’s a pretty brief little snippet, but it shows a different sound… an extension of what we were doing and where we’re going. We wanted to still keep people happy and show them that we’re still around.”

With the Howl tour approaching ever swiftly, the kids can expect some intense good vibes from the shows, and Jai assures that his pleasant on the phone demeanour doesn’t fool “We’re all very obtuse, pretty chilled dudes, whereas when we get onstage we perform and we let everything go… It’s good and it’s kind of purifying in a way.”

While the downtime of the last few years has seen the band change, it’s certain that they haven’t been the only ones. “I’ve noticed its kind of changing, maybe the crowds are a bit older these days.” Jai muses. “By the same token you never know, and I’d like to do some more all ages shows. It’s a pretty broad spectrum of Paper Scissor fans, people in their forties and fifties and people in their teens.”
Regardless, he’s proud of the fact there’s no agenda when it comes to playing live “We just really enjoy making music and playing for as many people as possible and hopefully not cut anyone out, and I suppose that’s reflected in the crowd.”

It’s a bit of a blessing to be a universally enjoyed band, and it’s mostly due to a robust live history of sparking the biggest responses possible from their crowds “I want the audience to sing with us and really reflect what we’re giving to them” Jai affirms. “They lose their preconceptions and self consciousness and throw back at us everything that we give to them. That’s what I want out of an audience and hopefully that’s what they want to see from us.”

Despite all their wins, the Paper Scissors remain a fiercely independent act and have predominately held their own from the outset. “I think in this day and age so many bands have to do it themselves and learn it as they go. I think we’re in a good position now that we’ve learnt a lot about putting out records and the industry and its definitely good to have a knowledge of what’s happening with your band.”
Jai says it’s an ideal The Paper Scissors endorse, but not without some mild trepidation.

“At the same time I think it can be too much. I want to go out write a song but I’m too busy trying to make sure people come to our shows. It’s a bit of a conflict of interest trying to look after the business side of things and the creative side of things as well.”

The Paper Scissors are surely back and in full swing, and you’d be hard pressed to miss them over the next few months. You’d also be hard pressed not to fear for another lengthy absence of new material from these caffeinated animals. Fear not, for the interim may be brief this time around. “We’re going to be doing some more recording and working on some new music, so people can definitely expect something by the end of the year.”

The Paper Scissors are rolling out an east coast tour with Ernest Ellis in Support of “Howl”.

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