The Ravenous – Lying naked in the gutter

According to The Ravenous if you like acid house, hip hop or breakbeat, horrorcore, new jack swing, industrial metal, disco, avant-garde jazz or sludge metal you should check them out. Jason Strange had a chat with the guys and he doesn’t know what to think.

MF: Give the readers a brief history of The Ravenous?

TR: Well, readers, how can we historicalise such a non-specificicism? I guess it all started with an emotionally corrupt concept-being called tDOOBA, who, in infinite wisdom gave birth to a horde of tiny sound-worms. They live in us now and command us to do their bidding. For true!

MF: Tell us about the new EP and why it rocks?

TR: Well, it’s concise; delightful, yet focused; heartfelt, yet irreverent. It has five songs, which is the same number as sides to the Great Pyramid, and has a little of something for everyone; if you like acid house, hip hop or breakbeat, horrorcore, new jack swing, industrial metal, disco, avant-garde jazz or sludge metal.  If any of that tickles your fancy, wait for our album.

MF: You’re on the road with The Boo Hoo Hoo’s; what’s the best part about touring with them?

TR: The best part about touring with the Boo Hoo’s, is that when we are lying naked in the gutter, choking on our own heroin-infused vomit, that we can use the multiple ‘o’s in their name as a kind of mantra to focus on and direct our inner-Qi as a direct beam of light, like a Care-Bear-state in the shape of a Fender p-bass up into the sky and then the Boo Hoo’s will come flying through the air on wings of gold and bear us up unto the heavens like souls of the damned allowed to glimpse the holy land of rest one last time before going to hungry jacks for some chips.

MF: Who has been writing the blogs on your MySpace page? They’re very entertaining!

TR: Thanks! It is possibly one of us, or possibly they are made up of sentences taken from the script for Shada, the lost Doctor Who episode from 1980.  If we’re being honest, we all write them and take turns doing two words each.

MF: Is it fair to say, by listening to the songs, that Weezer and Ween have played a part in influencing your sound?

If band Q&A’s were adhered to by the same rules as tournament tennis, then I do believe that would be a fair question. Other fair questions would be: Do you like Cornelius, Frank Zappa and the Deftones?  Or, when is the bus coming, please?
Questions that would be regarded as foot-faults would be akin to ‘Can I borrow some money, please?’ An ace would be: ‘Hast thoust bent down on bended knee to pray to the dark, elder gods under tutelage of Abdul Alhazred the mad Arab?’ A let would be something like: ‘Do you know anything about the Eskimos?’ Double faults: “I have an itch, would you mind terribly meeting me at midnight for some scratchy-scratchy?’

MF: What are the plans for The Ravenous for the remainder of 2010?
TR: Develop telekenisis, hit the beach, watch Leaving Las Vegas. Probably won’t get around to any of those, though.

MF: Now that we are coming into an election, if you were to run for parliament Peter Garrett style, what would be your campaign slogan?

TR: Well, now that’s an interesting question.  What I believe we’re talking about is not the issue here, it is more than in a way, a way that you could or could not possibly have potential to be directed to either myself or my constituency as whole, when really the facts are bad, really bad, and is it our fault?  No.  Is it their fault?  Probably.  What really is the point, or the nub, the gist, the fecal feline focus is not much for flowery sentiments, but there’s something I’ve just got to tell you.  Why, sherrif, I wouldn’t be nuttin’ worse than python’s vomit, not fittin’ to lick the hem of your boots if I didn’t tell you, you treated me square, mighty square, and I ain’t forgettin’.

MF: Finally, first song you’d chose for a mix tape?

TR: Yatta, The Soft Parade or Rock Lobster.

The Ravenous play Mum @ Worldbar this Friday August 6th.

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