Way Of The Eagle’s Jan Skubiszewski – Part 2: “Eccentricity And Ultra-Romance”

The crash course on all things Way Of The Eagle continues this morning, and part 2 of this exclusive interview sees main man Jan Skubiszewski chat about his forthcoming debut album and the genesis of the release.

Though he’s keeping his cards close to his chest, Jan happily reveals that Owl Eyes and Illy will feature on the record but, as for the other collaborators, we’ll have to wait and find out. Of course, his partners in crime Dan Sultan and Emily Lubitz are featured quiet heavily, and Jan explains how the two helped ignite the creative process.

Finally, Jan talks a bit about the collaboration with Daniel Merriweather that lead to the creation of Find Your Love. A key feature on the recently released EP and as it turns out the track was a long time coming.

You can check out part 1 of the interview right here.

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