Way Of The Eagle’s Jan Skubiszewski – Part 1: “Passion Transcends Style”

Coming from a fruitful background in producing, songwriting and composing through an array of genres, Jan Skubiszewski has a range of sensibilities to draw from to inspire his new project, Way Of The Eagle, and that’s exactly what his master plan involves.

In part one of this exclusive video interview, Skubiszewski guides us through the process of creating Way Of The Eagle, from collaborating with peers Dan Sultan and Emily Lubitz to looking past the stale concept of specific genres in order to see the larger picture for the song.

As he explains, Skubiszewski will be using Way Of The Eagle as a vessel to carry songs not just from his present, but also from his past. Over the years, Jan has worked with an array of artists from John Butler Trio to The Cat Empire to Illy and Owl Eyes and these experiences have resulted in a desire to be free when he creates, void of the shackles from any specific niche.

The bands debut EP Rattlesnake hit shelves a couple of weeks back, so is now good and ready to be consumed. You can expect the next half of this video to drop tomorrow, which will see Jan discuss the group’s full-length record and the climate surrounding that forthcoming release.

Watch: Jan Skubiszewski talks Way Of The Eagle

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