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British India, Caringbah Bizzo’s 12/03 & The Metro 13/03/10

WORDS (Metro gig): Jenny Meagher

PICTURES (Caringbah Bizzo’s): Dan Clarke

This Saturday past, Melbourne rockers, British India returned to Sydney to fire their ‘Beneath Satellites Tour’, which will continue nationwide until the end of April.

Prior to their set, Sydney group, Alter Ego Mania belted out a solid string of songs, echoing Brit-Pop bands like Joy Division and local ones like Faker. Their edge came from their fierce drummer, Luke. He belted out extremely loud, fast-tempo beats like that of a metal band. Lead singer, Felix sported faux-leather pants (or maybe they were real, but they were definitely suffocatingly tight), and red eye shadow. While his voice isn’t the best I have heard, he used it well and enforced that same delayed shouting effect of their influences. Their songs were very catchy, and a few times I caught myself singing the words.

A short while later, British India stepped on stage to a small (for the Metro) group of enthusiastic fans. I have read reports of their music as pop-rock, but live it is a totally different story. They are louder than you would anticipate, and more like a classic rock ‘n roll band than anything else. If I have a draw a comparison, their hit, ‘This Dance Is Loaded’ reminded me most of British sensation, The Music. Early in the show, singer, Declan Melia dished up they have been busy recording their new album, Avalanche, which will be released on April 23, and yes they did play ‘Beneath The Satellite’.

Their cover of Nirvana’s, ‘Lithium’ was a definite body mover, with the full front of the room in jumping unity. All in all not a bad rendition, and probably is symptomatic of their influences, as guitarist Nic Wilson bares a similar resemblance to Kurt Cobain. A great rock show wouldn’t be complete without an encore, and a souvenir ear-ringing, which they graciously delivered on.

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