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City and Colour (Guerrilla Gig) – State Library, Melbourne 03/05/2012

It takes a lot to get me out of bed on a rainy, grey Melbourne day like today was. However, when Dallas Green of City and Colour announces a guerrilla gig out the front of the State Library 3 hours prior, I’ll jump out of bed with bells and whistles. Formerly of Alexisonfire, Dallas Green’s project is currently touring nationally, playing two sold-out shows at the Palais, and a headlining slot on the Groovin’ the Moo tour, kicking off this weekend.

Hundreds of people flocked to the site upon it being announced all over social media sites. Presented by channel V, Green displayed the gravity of his musical reach through the diversity of the crowd that huddled together on a chilly Thursday afternoon. There were people who obviously were drawn in by his metal days, completely tattooed across their entire body, mingling with 15-year-old girls who’d obviously come straight from school.

As for the music itself, the rainy atmosphere created this incredible, moody ambience that accentuated his lyricism and somewhat melancholic strumming. Opening with Fragile Bird, a collective swoon could be felt from the audience as his unamplified voice washed across the crowd, even reaching those at the back. Upon arriving, I was worried that the lack of volume would impact on the performance; I was fortunately mistaken. The nonchalant attitude that Green brought to his performance didn’t as much alienate as unite, as he joked with audience members from the previous night’s show and dealt with hecklers effectively. The set continued with two further tracks, Grand Optimist and Body in a Box, both of which were well received.

The gig itself was over just as quickly as it began. All in all, I wish I’d lashed out and purchased tickets to his second show at the Palais tonight, because that audience are in for a special night.

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